On 7 August 2009
At 12hr 34 minutes and 56 seconds on the 7th of August this year, the time and date will be

12:34:56 07/08/09

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

This will never happen in your life again??!!!!


5 Responses to “07/08/09”

  1. Ape yang nak diceritakan ni..Pergh..Tak faham..

  2. cmni,td br je berlalu…
    time pkl 12.34 dan saat ke 56 dan ketika tarikh 07.08.09…
    kelihatan masa itu akan tersusun 12.34.56 7.8.9…
    harap anda dpt memahami…

  3. cm ne ko leh tpkir lak bnde ni???

  4. hahaha….kantoi copy kt sharing is charing,he3…

  5. hahaha,kte sme2 kongsi info ni…

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